My best friend inspired me write a blog that anyone or no one may ever read. My psychologist agreed and thought I needed a space I could be me without all the trash and judgements of everyday life... So hello world this is me =)

Some basic info:

~ You can follow me on twitter if you so feel the need =] (@caitmcg7)
~ Recently became a red head (people lied blondes arent the ones who have more fun)
~ I have way to many best friends in my life that it all gets confusing but i wouldnt want it any other way.
~ I'm addicted to music.
[especially Emilie Autumn, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping with sirens, Day to remember, the wombats, Get Scared... and so much more!!]
~ I LIVE to READ!!
[Love classic novels, fiction and murder/crime novels... This year alone I've managed to read 84 books... and counting)
~ Have a great dislike for vapid people (if you have to look the word up you count as vapid)
~ LOVE Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, W.H Auden and Edgar Allan Poe... basically all poetry....
~ Complete neat freak everything has its own place.
~ Short (as my brother puts it, hobbit size).
~ My best friend has a Blog called optimism-and-ophelia... go check it out!!!
~ My life revolves around family, friends and varsity.
~ Defining factor of mine sadly is that Im an epileptic... therapy is turning this from a negative to a positve... so ill keep you posted =)
~ My ideal guy is tall, has longish hair, tattoos, piercings, plays an instrument (preferably drums or guitar) is sweet and funny, but mostly the tattoos do it for me =]
~ Recently decided to change up my life and change courses from a general BA to a Preforming arts BA.. majoring in stage management... So if you know a band or play needing someone in 3 years let me know =]
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